UYWRUFC preseason Durham.jpg

Our 1st XV kicked off the season in style with a preseason match against Durham's 2nd XV. Played on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday on the 22 acres, our 1st XV were on fire as they scored try after try to end the game 80-10.


As a preseason friendly, it was UYWRUFC's chance to give some girls their first team debut, to compete alongside 1st XV veterans and experience the fast and competitive style of play that typifies our first team. And what a match for a debut! Though not a perfect performance, there is plenty to be proud of regarding this first match, especially since UYWRUFC started preseason only last week. With eighteen tries scored overall, the match was full of action - never too long went by without someone crashing the ball over a try line. York were quick to make use of the restarts, capitalizing on those precious few seconds to set up a drive towards scoring.

UYWRUFC started off in style, with Liv and Alice J bringing the score to 15-0 within only a few minutes. Durham soon began a spirited defence which forced a number of changes in possession, but York continued to find the gaps in the Durham line - new UYWRUFC member and ex-Durham forward Jessie made a break to set up a try for Alice J. Though Durham kept increasing the pressure on York, even managing to chase down Liv after she broke through, with some lovely passing from the backs the score was brought by Liv to 25-0.  Liv soon made way for debutante Beth who found Durham's try line not long after, not just once but twice in quick succession after good teamwork once more from the backs.

Durham still gave it their all, and were eventually rewarded with a try underneath the posts. Until halftime possession changed hands a number of times, with both sides applying high amounts of pressure as the clock ticked down to halftime.

As play resumed, York quickly returned to their dominant ways - bringing the ball back into possession Emma soon scored another try for UYWRUFC. And straight after injury stoppage Liv found herself once more across the try line to make the score 45-5. Another debutante, Katie, soon showed off her skills by making a huge break down the wing before offloading to Molly to score the try. The score continued increasing, with both Issie and Ellie scoring after some lovely runs and a cheeky one-two from Liv and Alice I bringing home another five points.

While balls were kicked into nearby hedges left, right and center, UYWRUFC's backs kept breaking through the Durham line to set up Liv to score. And UYWRUFC's captain was not to be kept quiet, with Alice J making a beautiful tackle on an unsuspecting Durham player before crossing the try line once more. Though Durham fought back to bring the score line to 75-10, in the dying moments of the match winger Rebekah scored yet another try for UYWRUFC.

The final score? A dominant 80-10 to the girls in black and gold. A promising start to the season.