The Gymophobe's Guide to Exercise

That rugby involves at least some degree of exercise is implicit in its status as sport. That I started playing while hating the idea of physical exertion with every fibre of my being is perhaps, then, a little odd. Getting in shape and staying that way – or even coming close to finding the motivation for it – has always been a difficult task for a girl who drinks more wine than water and has a more-than-casual relationship with miniature caramel shortbread bites. The choice between an early start for a run and a lie in with half a pack of crumpets was an indisputably easy one. Though I swam frequently as a child, my interest in sport died at the start of secondary school when netball turned

2016's Actual Greek Goddesses

As I'm sure you are all now aware, team GB's Women's team have placed fourth in the first ever Olympic Rugby Sevens tournament... THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. Of course these amazing players are disappointed on missing out on a medal to a team who they already thrashed 22-0 in the earlier stages, but that disappointment should in no way overshadow their greater accomplishments demonstrated over the past few days. Personally, I am in awe of every single woman on that team. Each and every one gave their absolute all, and it paid off! They played phenomenally and if I could ever play to a fraction of the level they can play, I would consider myself an excellent player (but we're definitely not ther

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