THE WOMEN’S RUGBY WORLD CUP 2017 -   What you need to know and why you’re all invited

Currently being only one of the two Irish people in the club (shout out Speedy) it almost feels like my duty to formally invite everyone to Ireland to watch the best players in the world play the best game in the world in the best country in the world, so let me give you the lowdown… Where is it: The World Cup is set to run from the 9th to the 26th of August 2017 and will be hosted in Belfast and Dublin – inclusive of both the North and the Republic which is important. Matches will be played at the Kingspan’s stadium and the main pitch at Queen’s University Sport in Belfast and at UCD in Dublin. Pool matches will be played at UCD, playoff matches at Queen’s University & the final played at K

UOY takes on YSJ

Wednesday saw the first match of 2017 for UYWRUFC 1st's, up against York St John 1st's. A lovely bright morning with very little wind promised: some excellent playing conditions. After a short trek across the city we arrived excited to get going and get some more points on the table. Unfortunately, St Johns were only able to play 13 aside, but the optimists in us saw that this gave us some extra space for the wingers to play with. Kick off and both sides were keen to get those tackles in and dominate the first 10 minutes. An early try for Iggy from a stolen scrum settled any new years nerves for the away team. Despite this there was a lack of cohesion at certain points throughout the match a

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