UYWRUFC 2nds Finish Their First Season On A High

It was a bright, windy day at the end of February. The UYWRUFC 2nds season was coming to a close (sad face) and they were ready for it. This final game was against Leeds Trinity who put up a mighty fight considering they were down to 10 players. The first half began and things were not looking good: within the first 8 minutes, the opposition had scored two tries and made a conversion. The 2nds seemed distracted and weren't playing as well as we have seen them play before. Oh dear. Perhaps this wouldn't be the great finish we were hoping for... BUT THEN something happened, something clicked. They were running through set plays like there was no tomorrow, allowing Issie to make a break and das

Fighting Domestic Abuse

This week, we found out that UYWRUFC’s policy idea concerning domestic abuse was unanimously approved by the University of York Student Union (YUSU) policy approval committee. This is a HUGE victory not only for the club but for the wider university community in establishing a historic mandate for YUSU to actively work towards the raising awareness and eradication of abuse on our campus. In their lifetime, 1 in 4 women in England and Wales will experience domestic violence, and 8% will suffer domestic violence in any given year. Sexual abuse is particularly prevalent on university campuses with a horrifying 1 in 3 female students sexually assaulted. This is unacceptable and we believe it is

Please, stop asking if I'm gay

I love my sport, but I hate the way some people see it. I am not a fat, ugly, man hating, raging lesbian, despite the fact that many assume I simply must be, since I play rugby, and I am a woman. The most recent example of my having to confront this was in the queue on a Wednesday night for a well-known, classy as anything, York establishment. A group of cheerleaders asked me, “what sport are you with?” I answered the same way I answer this question every week, “oh, I’m the social sec for Women’s Rugby”. The cheerleaders looked very confused, which in turn confused me, since I thought I’d given a relatively straight forward answer (this isn’t a dig at cheerleaders by the way, it just happens

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