Willow vs. Valencia

Holidays are supposed to a time of stress-free relaxation, with emphasis on the 'supposed to be'. I had a rather eventful time on tour and thought I would tell a little story, if only for the reason that by the end of this you will be glad you weren’t me. At 4:45 am I rock up to the train station, meet everyone, get on the train without a hitch and easily make it to the airport. So far so good. Eventually most of us meet (shout out to Sophie and Grace) and we head to down to our terminal and find it easily. So far so good. Then we head on to security, this is where it all goes tits up. A woman tells me with some concealed glee “The bags too big”. Now I should probably describe my bag. It’s r

The Lions Tour 2017

Every 4 years a squad of rugby union players from Great Britain and Ireland embarks on a tour to the Southern Hemisphere to play either South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. Players can be picked from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales so competition to get a place on the squad is fierce. Getting selected is a huge honour, even for the most accomplished rugby players, and so talk of the potential squad for summer 2017 has already begun! This year the lions will be heading to New Zealand to face the mighty All Blacks! Considered by many to be the best team in the world, their current track record of matches is very impressive. Between 2015 and 2016 they went un-beaten for 18 test victorie

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