Rugby runs in my blood

Rugby has always been my favourite sport and it runs in my family. My grandfather played rugby for Oxford University and my mum played rugby for the University of York, a pioneer for women's rugby in the early days. So it wasn't a surprise that When I arrived as a fresher in 2008, UYWRUFC is the only team I signed up to. And the team made my 3 years at uni the best years I have ever had. Playing as part of a team, particularly on the rugby field, means that you have a bond like no other, the team become your family. I made the best friends and also met my wife, who still plays rugby with me to this day. When I left uni, I was keen to continue playing. Luckily, York RI Ladies had just set up

Grassroots and growth: what you can do to develop women’s rugby.

Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports around. With the home 2015 Rugby World Cup, men’s and women’s sevens entering the Olympics in 2016 and the Women’s World Cup in 2017, the profile of women’s rugby is more visible than ever before. Women’s participation in rugby in England has seen growth of 100% in since 2004, and England RFU recognises that there is still huge potential to grow the women’s and girl’s game further. This means that we have a lot to do in order to support, nurture and manage this period of rapid growth. After graduating from the mighty York in 2016, I moved back home to Bude, North Cornwall. Before giving it much thought, I had resigned myself to the fact that

The Lasting Effects of UYWRUFC

Although I am approaching my 40th birthday and coming to the end of my rugby career, I always look back with fond memories at my time in York. I was not a sporty type at school and would often try to bunk off my PE lessons if a team sport was involved. I was no good at netball or hockey and when I was at school and college there was not a lot of variety offered. When I came to York, I stumbled across the rugby girls in freshers week of my second year and thought I would give it a go. The girls were so much more fun than anyone else and I always loved my beer so it seemed a perfect fit. After a year of playing, I was selected to play for the North of England students as Hooker and I became pr

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