The life of a rugby fresher

Freshers week……… At the Fresher's Fair, multiple stalls are eager for you to sign up to join their club/sports team. Many try and bribe you via free stationary - is it really worth signing up to the debating society in return for a free fridge magnet? Everyone will give you the same advice “join a club and you will make loads of friends”, or “the more you put into university life the more you will get out”. But which club will be best for me? I have played rugby for a number of years. I started playing contact rugby at the age of 12/13 and loved it instantly, continuing on to play for my club, county and divisional level until the point of moving to university at 18. Being so familiar with t


The pinnacle of world rugby has arrived in Japan, and no one is more excited than us girls here at UYWRUFC. While the matches are not at prime-time kick-off, they are breakfast and brunch time and we’ve made our schedules fit around the games. Rugby has been embraced by the host nation, Japan and the prospect of going somewhere new like Asia excites fans from all over the world. If anything, I think that the policy of taking the tournament to new territory to try and break new ground for the sport will be repeated again with the tournament maybe breaking ground in North and South America in the not so distant future. With the first couple rounds of group games now finished, we’ve a better un

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