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30 Best Pictures of First Term

Following the ups and downs of our first term, let's take a look at some of the best pictures captured during the first leg of our 2015/16 campaign.

Best Facial Expressions

Cold Saturday mornings in the mud...

Gemma Deed about to flatten a Sheffield player.

Try saving determination.

Captain Brymer gets in the zone.

Are you ok Gaby?

Do I have to?

Whiskers all round.

And of course our favourite Swede providing some comedic relief mid-game.

Best Line Breaks

Zoe making some impressive runs at centre and on the wing.

G batting off tacklers like flies and stepping like a back.

Beastie crashing through defensive lines as per.

What is happening?

We've lost the ball.

Edith Sandstrom - 'Paint me like one of your French girls'.


Ian's interesting dynamic stretches.

Best Tackles

Sit down Ellie.

Textbook 'don't let go until you've completed that tackle'.


Another cracker from Zoe.

And Megan making herself a problem for the opposition as usual.

True UYWRUFC Spirit

Family looks out for one another...

Enough players for a full contact game against ourselves.

Win or lose, we always have a smile on our faces because we love what we do. (Plus Edith doing 'The Sprinkler'.)

Some extras

Katie Layley using the force.

And doing some interpretive dance...

Edith contemplates her sins in the sin bin.

Here's to a great second term in the new year!

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