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Meet the Committee 2015/16

Women's rugby is one of the most diverse sports on the pitch. On a night out, other teams can't quite fathom that truly any girl can play rugby; no matter what her appearance, background, or favourite past time. Meet the committee and you will truly appreciate the range of girls that play rugby.

PREZ, Ruth: The One with a Metal Spine (Centre)

There’s always someone on the rugby team who has an injury- a twisted ankle, a pulled groin, a broken finger, you might be thinking. But being president, it is Ruth’s duty to shit all over your measly aches and pains. Ruth has a broken back. And Ruth broke her back in the way you would expect- she fell off a wall into a banana plantation.

CAPTAIN, Serena: The One Who You Don’t Want To Cross on the Pitch (#8/Flanker/Prop)

Don’t be fooled by that cherub face and sweet smile. If Serena has the ball, she will smash past you, and you will see your life flash before your eyes.

VICE CAPTAIN, Edith: The One That's a Horse (Centre)

Edith claims that she isn’t horse but we aren’t so sure. Some key indicators are the fact Edith likes to eat mouldy food; will eat your apple core; and often can be heard by her high pitch shouting “ai ai ai.”

TREASURER, Sophie: The One with Her Life Together (Prop)

Sophie is the best in her year for AFBM, Sophie had an internship last summer, and Sophie has another internship lined up for this summer. We all aspire to be as successful as Sophie.

SECRETARY, Gemma: The One That Can Squat Twice Your Weight (Flanker)

Gemma’s the one who makes you do one more rep when your quads are burning hotter than the fires of hell. She’s the one who makes you hold your squat for 7 years. She’s the one who sings along to a work out song when you are wondering if this is your last, gasping breath on earth.

PRESS PUBLICITY AND ALUMNI, Katie: The One That Faints (Fly Half)

Katie passes out a lot. The last time she passed out was probably like 2 minutes ago. But she is also well fun and she is aiiiite. But she’s always injured, so refs us sometimes. Also she keeps the bants alive on the Twitter to keep the fans happy.

FUNDRAISING, Sarah: The One Who’s Welsh (Centre)

There’s a rule where if you’re Welsh you have to play rugby so Sarah is our token Welshy. Her accent is quite subtle but as soon as she’s on that pitch there’s no denying where she’s from. Also, we stole her from netball…muahahahahaaaa

FUNDRAISING, Lottie: The One Who Wrote This Article (Hooker)

Hi lol :) cute, girly, sweet and adorable. Lottie is like the cute auntie that gives you a pick-me-up and makes you feel better, she’s just bloody wonderful.

SOCIAL SEC, Bri: The American one (Flanker)

Bri says things like “I study Math” and “Put your wrapper in the trash” and “We used to play catch at recess.” We can normally understand what she’s trying to say though so we don’t mind that she’s American.

SOCIAL SEC, GRAINNE: The One Who Gets White-Girl Wasted (Second Row)

As a social sec, it is G’s job to go out as many times as week as she can and drink as much as possible. And she fulfils this role v. well. We also love G for all the taxi booking, people herding and bouncer problems G deals with on a night out <3

SOCIAL SEC, Megan: The One without a Broken Nose (#8)

Megan once broke her nose on the pitch but didn’t realise and didn’t really care either. She is a total machine on the pitch and we love it. Also, she has a really funny rugby face.

TOUR, Emma: The One Who is a Medic (Centre/Full back)

Emma can counsel us on all our pains and woes. Occasionally she might get to practice real life doctoring and wrap a bandage around a wonky knee, which is always exciting. Unfortunately the demands of being a medic means that Emma isn’t always at training and, ironically, might not be able to make tour this year.

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