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The entire season has been building up to Roses and UYWRUFC have been nurturing some outstanding players. With two 7s fixtures of the Friday (2nds kick off at 12pm, 1sts kick off at 1pm) and our 15s fixture on the Saturday (2pm kick off), UYWRUFC are looking to remain victorious - even on Lancastrian soil. Following last year's whitewash, here are our players to watch for Roses 2016.

7s Players

Grace Towey

Probably our smallest player but by no means the weakest. Grace is a perfect combination of speed and agility, making her ideal on the wing and a menace for any slow Lancastrians. She'll run rings round the forwards and probably most of the backs. We don't call her Speedy for nothing.

Kaytlin Hunter

With thighs like those you're built for rugby and Kaytlin is built for 7s. She's fitter than anyone in red kit and despite her height she isn't afraid to get involved in the rucks, mauls and even lineouts.

Emma Imbert

The most experienced player we'll send out on the pitch during the weekend and she's probably played more 7s than the entire Lancaster squad combined. She's as fluent in rugby as she is in French and she'll cut through the red defense without them even realizing.

15s Players

Serena Brymer - Club Captain

She's not nicknamed Beastie for nothing and just because she's a forward, don't let that deceive you. Serena has a surprising turn of pace and a step that would fool any back. There's a reason she's our top try scorer.

Megan Hull-Steward

Having made a recent transition from flanker to 8, Megan had some pretty big boots to fill and she has definitely stepped up to the mark. A combination of pace, monster tackles and a killer 8 instinct she's guaranteed to cause the opposition some problems.

Sarah Thalayasingam

Part Welsh, rugby is in Sarah's blood and she demonstrates this by tackling the opposition so hard they never want to carry a ball again. She broke two ribs in one of our BUCS games in the first ten minutes but played the whole game, putting it down to 'feeling winded'. A demon on the pitch, just wait til she sees red.

Ellie Seagrave

One of a few fiery redheads on the team, this winger is not to be messed with. Some say she's faster than Usain Bolt. Some say her tackle style is similar to that of WWE star John Cena. All we know is that she scores tries, even when her rugby boots have fallen off. She's sure to cross that tryline.

UYWRUFC have been working tirelessly since before the Easter break to ensure we are prepared for Roses. With exciting players, new set moves and a whitewash to defend - all our games are set to be some of the best fixtures of the weekend.

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