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2016's Actual Greek Goddesses

As I'm sure you are all now aware, team GB's Women's team have placed fourth in the first ever Olympic Rugby Sevens tournament... THIS IS NOT A BAD THING.

Of course these amazing players are disappointed on missing out on a medal to a team who they already thrashed 22-0 in the earlier stages, but that disappointment should in no way overshadow their greater accomplishments demonstrated over the past few days.

Personally, I am in awe of every single woman on that team. Each and every one gave their absolute all, and it paid off! They played phenomenally and if I could ever play to a fraction of the level they can play, I would consider myself an excellent player (but we're definitely not there yet...).

Although the Olympics is undoubtedly one of, if not the, biggest sporting events in the world and to have earned a medal would have been so incredible, we must not forget the platform this has now raised the world of women's rugby to. A huge proportion of the world would have been able to watch this historic tournament and to see the immediate effect this has had on women, all you need to do is check out Team GB's twitter - so many people have been inspired to try Rugby after witnessing our heroes.

This is why, no matter what place they came, or could have come, the 2016 Olympic Games GB Women's Rugby Sevens Team will always be strong, powerful, unlimited goddesses. They will have changed so many women's lives for the better by introducing them to rugby and we thank them all.

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