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Meet the Committee

As I sit and reflect on my first few months as President of UYWRUFC I can’t help but feel an enormous sense of gratitude to have the people around me that I do. For me, rugby is not just something I do at university, it is my university experience. Without the Club over the last two years’, university would simply not have been the same. I mean, I may have had a few less broken fingers, far fewer bruises, and no serious concussions… but that’s beside the point. Following in the footsteps of last year’s President Ruth Whitehead is going to be a tricky job and I cannot be more thankful that she remains at my right hand side this year as Club captain. Without the support of Ruth and Megan, the 1st XV would not have been awarded Focus Team status for the 2016/2017 season, and without the rest of the club I would quite frankly never have made it home on a Wednesday night in one piece.

The 2016/2017 season for UYWRUFC is such an important year; with never seen before membership numbers, Focus Team status, and a brand new 2nd XV team entered into BUCS, I simply cannot wait to lead the club such an exciting season. For those of you new to the club, or just a little nosey, here’s a little intro to all the lovely ladies who will be leading the club with me this year.

Prez love xoxo

Spenny – President (Prop)

Layley - Secretary (Fly Half)

Katie is a Sarries fan (what a glory hunter) and is my better half on the club committee - from now on call her Dad. As Secretary, Katie leads the club down the straight and narrow and makes sure all our committee documents are full of bants so we don’t fall asleep at the thought of reading them… well, one can only try. With more leg to her than the average human, Katie uses her long limbs and lashes to provide great authenticity to her camel nativity costumes as well as storming round the pitch. Beware of the #boylang

French Ellie – Treasurer (Flanker)

The clubs very own labradoodle: Ellie’s dedication to the clubs comes through in everything, from training and socials, to keeping us fully updated with her cooking exploits on snapchat. A fiend for budgets and receipts, sneaking something past Ellie will be harder than getting discount at the Apple Store. Her visual recipe book will be out at the end of the season, stick around to find out what treats she has in store (more carrot cake please).

Ruth – Club and 1st XV Captain (Fly Half)

Ruth is on a one-woman mission to end the season and her university career on a high. After falling off a wall into a banana plantation, becoming our very own bionic woman and hitting the gym HARD this summer (#quadgoals) she’s ready to come back from injury stronger than ever. Leading the Club, and in particular the 1st XV as a Focus Team, will be the jewel in Ruth’s UYWRUFC Crown, provided she stays away from the bananas. Too much potassium is bad for you kids.

Megan – 1st XV Vice Captain (Number 8)

Is her nose broken? Does she have concussion? Why does her hair never stay tied up? Is a match really a match until Megan makes a monster tackle? Why does that giraffe photo haunt her everywhere she goes? These are all the important questions when it comes to Megan, a big character both on and off the pitch it’ll be Meg’s job to work with Ruth to ensure the 1st XV smash the league like she smashes those tackles.

Gabby (Prop)

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Gabby brings back all sorts of weird and wonderful treats from her trips home, but sadly never the warm weather. Having played rugby since she was little, Gabby has the experience to lead the 2nd XV as Captain in its first year in BUCS. If she’s not on the pitch or working hard for that degree, you can find her working at the O2 shop. Be nice and she may even hook you up with a sweeeet phone deal.

Caitlin- 2nd XV Vice Captain (flanker)

Caitlin has a way with words I could only dream of and her article ‘The Gymphobe’s Guide to exercise’ perfectly encapsulates what it is like to also be a girl who drinks more wine than water, if you haven’t read it, check it out here.

Her impulsive decision to run for a committee position is this year’s biggest gain as the 2nd XV’s Vice Captain. And in the words of Marie Antoinette Caitlin Burge; ‘Let them eat cake’.

G – Equal Opportunities and Welfare (Second Row)

Meet G, a.k.a Club Mum. Never was a position better suited to a person than welfare was to G and following on from her position as social sec last year, G is hanging up her salvo crown. A headcase for concussion training and ensuring we’re all safe to play, G has big plans ensure we’re all healthy in body and mind. Namaste

Alicia – Press, Publicity, and Allumni (Winger)

Alicia is the one responsible for bombarding your emails, facebook, and twitter feeds with rugby related bants. Never far away from her camera, she’ll be there to snap the pics both good and bad and will be commentating, David Attenborough style, on matches and the club goings on. As the tallest living terrestrial uywrufcan, her giraffe like stature causes a threat from throttling poachers, please give anything you can to help save our endangered species.

Hema- Tour Secretary (Scrum Half)

Hema’s a Tigers fan, but we won’t hold that against her (much). A perfect example of the best things come in small packages, Hema’s a little star and will be making sure our tour package price is as small and fabulous as she is.

Charlie – Tour Secretary (Hooker)

Charlie is also part of the tour power couple hoping to hook us a tour deal as well as she hooks a ball. Let just hope as an avid cycler she doesn’t book us onto a trip round the Tour de France route by accident.

Daisy-Kit Secretary (Scrum Half)

Daisy is responsible for making sure we all look ready to walk the catwalk at Paris Fashion week, kitting us out for training and the occasional late night library sesh. The love of stash at UYWRUFC runs deep, and Daisy’s patience of a saint demeanour is one thing she’ll definitely need chasing to ensure Surridge fulfils our stash desires.

Sasha- Social Sec (Second Row)

Sasha is a social sec. She fell through a table in DBar. This may be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’m still laughing now.

Lucy- Social Sec (Second Row)

Easily identifiable by the wavy garms to the 5 colours in her hair, Lucy is also responsible for shepherding the herds around town on a Wednesday night and organising some top socials (sorry we don’t remember them all).

Lottie- Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer (Hooker)

As part of her one-woman mission to save the world, Lottie is on hand to gather the club dollar for both us and our sponsored charity IDAS. After spending the summer aiding the refugee camps in Lebanon, she’s ready to tackle YUSU policy changes and spread goodwill and charitable thinking across the world. Watch out Ban Ki-Moon, she’s after your job.

Holly- Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer (Indefinitely Broken)

Holly is our resident grandma with a bad knee to boot. After a record breaking 15 seconds on the pitch in a game last season she wound up being carted off on a stretcher. A knee operation later and she’s sticking around to ensure that we further the cause of IDAS and put money in the club coffers. Working together with Lottie to make a massive impact on the university community, Holly will also be around to spread goodwill and charitable thinking across the world, provided she doesn’t dislocate anything else first.

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