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Today saw the very first game of the 1st XV 2016/17 season and boy it was not one to miss. UYWRUFC took on the University of Bradford and hit the ground running; every single player put their heart and soul into the match which undoubtedly paid off. This is dedicated to our 1st XV squad who I am sure will want to relive this game over and over again. Below,you will find a running order of tries, conversions and substitutions made, followed by some interesting observations by myself and other spectators. Enjoy!

1st Half:

- TRY scored by Serena Brymer at 5 minutes

- TRY scored by Igraine Brabon at 10 minutes

- TRY scored by Grace Towey, assisted by Igraine Brabon, at 15 minutes. CONVERTED by Edith Sandström

- TRY scored by Megan Hull-Steward at 19 minutes. STRAIGHT OUTTA THE SCRUM FROM OUR 10 METRE LINE!!!

- TRY scored by Igraine Brabon at 25 minutes. CONVERTED by Edith Sandström

-SUBSTITUTIONS: Gráinne Daly off, Sasha Ellis on. Eleonore Ostheim off, Daisy Yeomans on. 25 minutes

- TRY scored by Grace Towey at 27 minutes. CONVERTED by Edith Sandström

- SUBSTITUTIONS: Sarah Elliot off, Gabbie Joseph on. 27 minutes.

- TRY scored by Grace Towey, assisted by Serena Brymer, at 35 minutes.

(Side note: The timing on Serena's pass to Grace was perfect, she knew exactly what she was doing and gave Grace the space to work her speedy lil legs!)

Phew, I don't know about you, but just writing this up is getting the adrenaline going again! This was such an epic first half, Bradford had no idea what we had in store.

2nd Half:

- TRY scored by Serena Brymer, assisted by Igraine Brabon, at 48 minutes.

(Side note again: This was really quite something to watch, Igraine seemed to just run straight through the defence without them really noticing. That is until she had to pass to Serena who's hands were just impeccable.)

- SUBSTITUITONS: Serena Brymer off, Em Barrett on.

- SPECIAL MENTION: After play had resumed and Bradford kicked to York, Captain Ruth Whitehead caught the ball and demonstrated some serious moves as she managed to dodge past multiple Bradfordians. Her fancy footwork gave her so much ground right off the bat and was really quite spectacular. Nicely done Cap'n!

- AWKWARD MENTION: York were made to drop back 10m after number 14, Ellie Seagrave, decided to tackle the pitch. Not literally the grass, but a player had already hit the floor when she seemed to flop over her!? Maybe she was attempting a ruck? Maybe she just couldn't stop her lighting fast legs from running? We shall never know...

- TRY by Bradford at 57 minutes.

- TRY scored by Ellie Seagrave (she's redeemed herself) at 60 minutes

- SUBSTITUTIONS: Sophie Penny off, Sarah Elliot on. Ellie Seagrave off, Grace Towey on. 60 minutes.

- Another TRY was made at some point, I'm afraid I was clearly in too much of a euphoric state to write down when and who, but let them know that they are a superstar!


Notes I made while trying to slow my heart rate down:

- After the first few tries you can really see what's working for them: they are making excellent offloads and have had some amazing drives.

- According to one of The Crip Squad, York were "running circles" around Bradford (Holly 2016).

- Almighty Ian himself was quoted saying that their "shape is good, they're playing to the patterns". He even added that it was "very pleasing". BUT that they needed to use the pace on the team more as that was where the points were being scored - take note.

- At 35 minutes though, after all the glory, the team seemed to be faltering slightly and were letting a few of the opposition make ground. We can't let them have the soil under our feet!

- Rachel Davies made a stunning tackle in which she managed to hold on to the opposition's hips and get dragged for about 5 metres... "(lol)" - Bella Boyles

- Now as much as you guys were awesome, there were a few too many dropped balls about. Nothing too huge, but we kinda need to keep hold of the balls in order to score...

- It was at this point that I turned to an outsider: Sasha's dad. He complemented the structure of the game and noted, "we can see you've been coached". Good job Ian! The team's passing also merited a comment by Mr. Ellis.

- The 2nd XV Captain, Gabriela Przygodzki, while tears streamed down her face cried, "I've never been so happy, and I'm not even playing!"


- Edith broke the pole. She ran, made a beautiful hand off, and rolled into the pole. It snapped. There were pieces of plastic scattered around. Nice one Edith.

- At one point, we watched Daisy exiting a ruck, re-dressing herself. Why? Why was your top not on you?

- Ellen, sweet run! (That's it, that's all I wrote down. It was just so sweet it needed no more embellishment)

Final words from the captains:

Ruth - "After six weeks of hard work, recruiting our players and getting them up to scratch I couldn't have asked for a better game to start the season. We executed well and worked as a team, smashing the score line (even if I can't convert). What's most exciting now, is how much I know we can improve. Bring on the next game!"

Megan - "A really great start to the season with fantastic performances from both the forwards and the backs. It really reflects the hard work we've put in in our training sessions and pre season this term. We hope to continue to improve and keep up a high standard of performance the rest of the season."

And there we have it kids. Round 1, and we smashed it! YES YORK!

Bring it Northumbria.

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