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111-0 you say?

Wednesday saw UYWRUFC 1's first away match of the season against Northumbria 2's. Arriving to bright, but cold and windy conditions, Northumbria were unable to field a full squad so 12 a side was agreed. This didn't dampen the mood and left us with a solid bank of subs.

From the kick off York dominated the match, keeping good form and moving the ball round well. Within three minutes the first try to York had been scored, and after that they didn't stop coming. The combination of power in the centre and speed on the wings saw a massive 68-0 at half time. Northumbria didn't stop trying though, and some excellent kicking resulted in a few plays pretty close to the line, but our defence stayed solid and the ball was won back.

The second half kicked off and continued much the same as the first, conditions still windy and at one point a Northumbria kick ended up behind the kicker (presumably due to wind and not lack of skill). After initially agreeing on a 20min second half Northumbria gave it their all and decided to play the full 35 minute second half, despite the unrelenting York attack. At full time the score came to a massive 111-0, getting close to the current UYWRUFC record which stands at 124-0. Another fantastic win for 1's continuing to show a broad and harmonised range of play from both forwards and backs, while still being photogenic AF.

Personal highlights:

1- the ref, who was an absolute babe and expressed some minor worries at being 22'd by our wingers

2- when Ellie nearly got decapitated by a heinous high tackle

3- Ruth deciding she can kick and converting 13 tries.

4- All of the 17 tries including one from our President prop Sophie.


1. Sophie Penny

2. Lottie Massey

3. Sarah Elliot

4. Gráinne Daly

5. Sasha Ellis (Forward of the match)

6. Jenny Provan

7. Daisy Yeomans

8. Megan Hull-Steward (vc)

9. Rachel Davies

10. Ruth Ellen Whitehead (c)

11. Grace Towie

12. Jade Gregory

13. Igraine Brabon

14. Ellie Seagrave (Back of the match)

15. Alice Jones

16. Gabbie Joseph

17. Ellen Thornton

18. Liv Andrews


Grace - 5

Iggy - 4

Ellie - 3

Alice - 3

Sophie - 1

Jade - 1


Ruth - 13!

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