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The Story of how I Started Playing Rugby

Me (huge smile): “Hello! Have you ever thought of joining rugby?”

Random girl I walked up to (slightly taken aback): “Me oh god no I could never!!!”

Me (still grinning like an idiot): “None sense!! I bet you would be great at it!!! You know (babbling on

about rugby magic)”

A few of you have heard me rambling on about rugby and how amazing it is (because that’s a fact duh) on freshers fair and open days. I was just running around campus and walking up to girls from all ages and sizes to bombard them with info on tasters sessions, socials, training, how amazing the club is until they finally agree to sign up for the emailing list and took a flyer to attend taster sessions. I must have looked like an over excited puppy just grinning constantly, having my eyes sparkling with joy and enthusiasm and gleefully yapping about rugby all day long.

Looking back on it, this was how I was recruited in the first place. I was minding my own business

walking to the canteen to get lunch when suddenly, out of the blue two of my friends basically jumped me. Within seconds I was being blasted with information about how they wanted to start a girls team and were recruiting people from school, how it would be so much fun and I really can’t say no because the training session was that Sunday and really close to where I live and they were so excited etc etc etc. I was completely overwhelmed about the amount of information (probably zoning out due to my famished stomach). As much as I love them I knew that they were stubborn and would not leave me alone until I agree to show up. So I gave in and told them that “fine I’ll think about it”. Taking my answer as a guaranteed yes, they both stormed off in a cloud of giggles and excited whispers searching for their next recruit. I thought nothing much of it and finally went to grab a bite (for future references please do not stand in my way when I’m about to get food or I will not be held responsible for the consequences. I like food).

Anyway, Sunday rolls around and I am really undecided about whether to go or not. I mean rugby

sounded like the dumbest sport on this blue earth. I mean why would you throw this funny looking ball backwards to move forward and why would you enjoy tackling people to the ground? (Hehehehehe looking back on it this makes me chuckle a lot.) However I know my friends and I know how much of a pain in my ass (excuse my French) they’re going to be if I do not show my face at least once. So I give into peer pressure and decide to put on some sport clothes and be on my way. I got there with the pretty much rock solid mindset that this is going to be a wasted Sunday morning.

Oh boy was I wrong (And I'm never wrong).

I can’t really remember what went on during the session. All I remember was this feeling of it being so much fun and wanting to come back for more. It was absolutely amazing and I have not looked back since.

And here I am soon to be 8 years later playing the sport I love. It is amazing in its inclusive attitude and its spirit. But in all honesty it goes far beyond the game and I truly believe that this is club is my 2nd family away from home. The people are incredible and I couldn’t imagine wanting my uni experience, heck, even my life to be any different!

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