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A Tough Game, A Tough Result: UYWRUFC 2s vs. Teeside 16 th November 2016

A postponed kick off, inside out shirts and strong winds; what was this game

going to bring and how would it end?

As soon as the whistle went both sides knew that this was going to be a difficult

game, both sides having different strengths to the other. However, York

unfortunately concede early on in the game with Teeside’s fullback shimmying

and shaking her way through York’s defence. “What a boot” we hear the crowd

cry when Teeside’s 10 flies the ball through the posts to score the conversion.

Five minutes in and 0-7 to Teeside. York keep their heads up to bounce back with

an immediate response in the form of a beautiful try from Bella, and an

incredible assist from Georgia running the ball halfway up the pitch.

Unfortunately the conversion is missed, so the score is 5-7 to Teeside.

Willow repeatedly takes cheeky lines and makes her way through the Teeside

defence but unfortunately meets the Teeside fullback everyone who continues to

make outstanding tackles, try saving tackles, bringing Willow to the ground. It

was time to get the ball back out to the backs. Katie pops the ball to Issy who

pops it out to Pippa who dodges her way through Teeside to make a clean break.

Unfortunately caught up by one of the defence and is taken down. Pippa and

Willow continue to make clean breaks through the Teeside defence, battling

through five or six defenders at a time, only to meet their full back time and time

again who continues to put in tackle after tackle. But finally Willow breaks her

way through all of their defence to score a try!!!! Those little legs cannot be

caught by anyone! Unfortunately again this is not converted which puts the score

at 10-7.

Following this the backs keep bringing breaks through the defensive line and

showing off their fancy footwork. However, each set of fancy footwork is

combined with a silly mistake causing penalties awarded to the opposition,

losing us our possession. Unfortunately this allows their

fullback to get the ball and breakthrough our defence yet again to score another

try. Fly half shoots the ball straight through the posts to score another


The restart brings a cracking catch from Ella followed by some cheeky lines,

smashing through the defensive line. We continued to break through five or six

defenders only to be met by a final defender who would bring our player down

to the ground. More and more rugby, good rugby, bad rugby, line outs, speedy

ball carrying and hefty tackles ensure the game continues with very even play

from each side.

Rachel Emmerson, after many big tackles and speedy runs, makes a break

through the defence up the wing, but unfortunately is pushed across too far by

Teeside and steps onto the touchline. Teeside have the lineout and their fullback

scores another cracking try crashing her way through our defence. Very soon

after this she scores ANOTHER try (where would Teeside be without her!?).

Football Rachel makes some amazing tackles (on point smashy smashy), but

unfortunately hits her head and is dazed meaning she has to come off the pitch.

Many many breaks from us, and many many tackles from Teeside’s fullback

(seriously would have been a very different game without her). I’m pretty sure

she has made up at least 80% of their tackle count. AND SHE JUST KEEPS ON


HOWEVER, Issy makes an amazing line and breaks through the mainline of

defence, past the fullback and runs over the pitch to score a try, THE CROWD

GOES WILD!!!! And then comes another cheeky try from willow!!!!!! Again

wiggling her fast moving little legs through the whole of Teeside’s defence.

The final whistle blows, we are all exhausted but we continue to hold our heads

up, smiling, ready for next week’s game. #pumped

This was a game of big hits, big runs, and big bruises.

Bring on the next one.

Quote from Mr. Burge ‘I thought you girls would be aggressive, but not THAT


1. C. Walsh

2. W. Ingleton

3. F. Bannister

4. M. Hartley

5. E. Banken

6. C. Burge (VC)

7. R. Mullan Lipman

8. G. Przygodzki (C)

9. H. Trivedi

10. K. Layley

11. R. Emmerson

12. I. Cowan

13. P. Davies

14. B. Boyles

15. G. Gunson

16. C. Langford

17. A. Griffiths

18. E. Stott

19. A. Smallwood

20. S. Thorndyke

21. A. Barnes

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