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Match report: 1st XV vs. Newcastle: 79-5

Wednesday was round two in our 1st's back to back matches against Newcastle 2nd's. Setting off from a very cold York, Newcastle was bright and a little on the breezy side. This was set to be a good game with an enthusiastic York out to prove that the previous weeks score wasn't just a one off and Newcastle out to get some points on the board.

York kick off and Newcastle showed a more aggressive and organised team than the previous week, but York took it to the next level and quickly regained the ball for an early try. Newcastle kept good cover of the wings where previously York had been able to take advantage and so the centres and forwards stepped up to crash through to keep the points coming in.

Half time saw a score of 40-0. Second half kicked off with the home team more determined than ever and after big push and a gap in defence resulted a try. Although disappointed, York came back strong to smash Newcastle back with a tirade of tries from both forwards and backs. Final score was 79-5 to York. A great match for both teams, Newcastle really stepping up their game from the week before and York 1sts continuing to be on top form to maintain an unbeaten streak.


1- First try for captain Ruth since return from injury.

2 - Winger Ellie displaying enviable levels of athleticism by falling over in the first minute of the game trying to tie a shoelace.

3 - Kay "helping Ian out" because no one can hear him because he doesn't shout loud enough.


1. Sophie Penny

2. Eleonore Ostheim

3. Gabbie Joseph

4. Sasha Ellis

5. Gráinne Daly

6. Em Barrett (Forward of the match)

7. Daisy Yeomans

8. Serena Brymer

9. Rachel Davies (Back of the match)

10. Ruth Ellen Whitehead

11. Alice Jones

12. Jade Gregory

13. Igraine Brabon

14. Ellie Seagrave

15. Edith Sandström

16. Sarah Elliott

17. Liv Andrews

18. Kay Aneke

19. Ellen Thornton


Iggy - 4

Serena - 3

Ruth - 1

Alice - 1

Rachel - 1

Em - 1

Ellie S - 1

Sarah - 1


Ruth - 7

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