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2nd XV vs. Sunderland 30th Nov. 2016

The day started bright and early with our very own Georgia waking up 15 minutes before the bus’ departure... (she made it, I don't know how, but she did). After a long journey up the A19 we arrived at Ashbrooke Rugby Club to find that Sunderland were short on players, as were we. The weather was warmer than expected and the sun was shining - a great afternoon for rugby.

Straight from kick off, Sunderland scored after a poorly aimed fend-off to the face by Sunderland’s 10 towards Maddi. Sunderland having failed to convert, however, we came back with swift hands from the backline and an overlap resulted in a score from winger, Georgia (unconverted). Not long after, Issy managed a cracking run through the defence and scored right by the posts; the impeccable boot of Rachel managed to get us an extra two points, putting us in the lead going into half-time.

The start of the second half was a blur for all of us: the forwards put in a tough shift with a multitude of scrums occurring throughout the game, though more so in the second half. Sunderland had the advantage of having the bigger pack; using that against our squad, Sunderland’s 18 managed to get through our defence - with three of us hanging onto her - and scored. This try was unconverted creating an even more intense game - if that was possible. We were nearing the try line when a penalty was awarded: a quick tap off Katie saw the ball fly into Willow’s hands, who, with her quick feet, backed herself and scored beside the posts. Rachel had a cracking game and, besides all of her amazing tackles (SMASHY SMASH), managed to convert yet another try.

Not long after, we were heavily defending our try line when Sunderland’s 18 got the ball again right on the wing and, despite all the effort and might of Georgia, could not be stopped. Sunderland had scored again - luckily for us it was once more left unconverted. With a score as close as this, it was up to us to keep ourselves at 100% in every aspect of the game. With just about 5 minutes left on the clock, our flanker Pippa suffered a bad ankle injury, a repeat from earlier in the game. With Pippa coming off and a scrum looming we shifted our VC Caitlin to 8. Sunderland had managed to win the ball off us and shipped it to their winger - we could not let them score again. Willow came to our rescue, with all of her energy and strength sh

e pushed their winger into touch allowing the ref to blow his whistle, and thus end the game.

After a very tough game we pulled through with a victory against a formidable opposition. The final score: 19-15

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