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UOY takes on YSJ

Wednesday saw the first match of 2017 for UYWRUFC 1st's, up against York St John 1st's. A lovely bright morning with very little wind promised: some excellent playing conditions. After a short trek across the city we arrived excited to get going and get some more points on the table. Unfortunately, St Johns were only able to play 13 aside, but the optimists in us saw that this gave us some extra space for the wingers to play with.

Kick off and both sides were keen to get those tackles in and dominate the first 10 minutes. An early try for Iggy from a stolen scrum settled any new years nerves for the away team. Despite this there was a lack of cohesion at certain points throughout the match and St John certainly didn't take it easy on us. After a big push from St Johns they managed to get the ball over the line, only for it to be held up. 31-0 at half time gave us a comfortable lead.

The second half started off with some excellent set plays from the backs and a try for fullback Edith. St Johns shortly hit back breaking through the defence to score a try, though this was not converted. A tired opposition gave us the opportunity for more tries with a tirade from both forwards and backs. The score at full time 73-5 and a good win for us.

St John's put up a hard fight but some well executed set plays and consistent defence paid off for UYWRUFC.

Squad list.

1. Sophie Penny

2. Lottie Massey

3. Sarah Elliott (Forward of the match)

4. Sasha Ellis

5. Jenny Provan

6. Serena Brymer

7. Daisy Yeomans

8. Eleonore Ostheim

9. Rachel Davies

10. Ruth Ellen Whitehead (Captain)

11. Grace Towey

12. Jade Gregory

13. Igraine Brabon

14. Ellie Seagrave

15. Edith Sandström

16. Gráinne Daly

17. Em Barrett

18. Liv Andrews

19. Rachel Mullan Lipman (Back of the Match)

20. Ellen Thornton

21. Heny Stockdale

Tries: Grace - 5 Iggy - 1 Ellie S - 1 Edith - 1 Ellie O - 1 Ellen - 1 Rachel D - 1 Rachel M L - 1

Serena - 1 Conversions Ruth - 4

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