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UYWRUFC 2nds Finish Their First Season On A High

It was a bright, windy day at the end of February. The UYWRUFC 2nds season was coming to a close (sad face) and they were ready for it. This final game was against Leeds Trinity who put up a mighty fight considering they were down to 10 players. The first half began and things were not looking good: within the first 8 minutes, the opposition had scored two tries and made a conversion. The 2nds seemed distracted and weren't playing as well as we have seen them play before. Oh dear. Perhaps this wouldn't be the great finish we were hoping for...

BUT THEN something happened, something clicked. They were running through set plays like there was no tomorrow, allowing Issie to make a break and dash for the try line! The first try lifted the mood of the entire team, spurring everyone on to make more breaks and get more tries. Alice Griffiths wasn't going to be taken down easily, she was smashing those forwards left, right and centre. And then the tries just kept on coming. The players were communicating well and looking for the gaps in the opposition's sparse defence. Two more tries were taken by Willow and Rachel M L, both with some serious runs down the pitch and through the defence. It was here that Leeds Trinity said "no" and fought back, hard. Another try was conceded to Leeds just before the end of the first half, proving that this wouldn't be an easy win for the team, they would have to work for it.

The second half began with such hope and expectations. Good thing they delivered eh? More and more tries were grabbed by the team from some seriously amazing breakthroughs. Special mention to Willow's first try of the second half where she managed to sprint crawl over the try line - not really sure how that happened but okay. The second half saw the team really fitting in with their set plays leading to another six tries by York, and one by Leeds Trinity.

That was it. They'd won. UYWRUFC 2nds had come 2nd in their first ever season! This was a good game, but they've had an even better season and fully deserve this victory. From the start of this season the members of the 2nd squad have put their hearts and souls into making their team a great one. They broke in the many many freshers and have emerged victorious, marking their place in UYWRUFC history. Captains Gabriela Pryzgodzki and Caitlin Burge should be immensely proud of both their team and themselves, this being both their first season as captains. Well done guys, you're all amazing!!


Issie - 1

Rachel M L - 2

Willow - 3

Gabby - 2

Rachel E - 1


Rachel M L - 5

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