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The Lasting Effects of UYWRUFC

Although I am approaching my 40th birthday and coming to the end of my rugby career, I always look back with fond memories at my time in York. I was not a sporty type at school and would often try to bunk off my PE lessons if a team sport was involved. I was no good at netball or hockey and when I was at school and college there was not a lot of variety offered.

When I came to York, I stumbled across the rugby girls in freshers week of my second year and thought I would give it a go. The girls were so much more fun than anyone else and I always loved my beer so it seemed a perfect fit. After a year of playing, I was selected to play for the North of England students as Hooker and I became president of the team in my last year of undergrad. I loved rugby so much I decided to stay on for a pHD and ended up playing for York Uni for 7 years in total. It is great to see the team has come on so much since my days. We would never have dreamed of having a full bench every week, let alone fielding a second team!

We had a great team ethic though and many of the team are still in touch and involved in rugby somehow, whether playing themselves (contact or touch) or showing their children the way of the odd shaped ball.

Since my days in York, I have moved to Oxfordshire. I played for a local team, called Witney Angels for a few years, and now I play for Henley Hawks a league or so below the Prem. I had to take a couple of years out due to a crushed disk in my neck (too many years of playing Hooker) but I got it fixed and now I am back with a vengeance (although my front row days are over). I'm one of the smallest on the team but I am still playing flanker/second row. I had a stint in the backs but wasn't very good as I am a forward in my head so it didn't fit with me. You also stay warmer on a winters day if you are in the forwards!

Keep up the training, winning and drinking! Good luck at Roses and I hope to see you at Presidents weekend again one day!

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