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Barbaric Rugby

Anyone who loves rugby loves the Barbarians – the invitation-only side picks some of the best up-and-coming talent, as well as established players, from across the world to compete together against club, provincial and international teams.

A BaaBaas match is always full of tries and fancy plays, and they’ll rarely ever kick a penalty – why do that when you can kick to the corner and get a try? Their philosophy of flair, passion and spirit is obvious, and is what has won the rugby world over in the last few decades. And now, the side that has showcased players like Jonah Lomu, Bryan Habana, Richie McCaw and Leigh Halfpenny (I just had to slip a Welsh player in there) has now launched a women’s team!

The side will play their debut match v Munster on November 10th, and they’ve already recruited some properly good players like Megan Goddard (England) and Emma Jensen (New Zealand) so it looks like it’ll be a good one!

The women’s Barbarians team is a brilliant development for the game, and tops off a great year in women’s rugby after the World Cup which showcased some serious talent and drew in millions of viewers, as well as the formation of the Tyrell’s Premier 15s league.

It looks like the only way is up for women’s rugby at the minute, and I am absolutely loving it!

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