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UYWRUFC 1sts v Hull University (Cup Round 1)

Yesterday saw UYWRUFC 1st XV storm their way through the 1st round of the Northern Conference Cup with a 58-0 win over Hull University at York RUFC.

Though a late start to the game, the winning began a few minutes in as Iggy stormed through Hull's defensive line to plant a try right under the posts. With a quick conversion to follow, York kicked the game off (pardon the pun) with an early start to the scoring.

A cracking break from Alice Ingram on the wing a few minutes later had York flying down on the pitch; though Alice was caught just off the try line, a quick pop pass inside lead to Iggy's second try of the match and a 12-0 lead. A few interestingly "straight" lineouts and some messy rucks later, Jenny smashed through from second row to score the third try of the match, proving that forwards can indeed run. Within a few minutes later off the reset, President Sasha completed the second row duo of tries, flattening the defence across the try line. With another conversion, the score now sat at 26-0 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Having stolen the ball at the lineout after the restart, York looked to the try line again. With successive turnovers from both sides in the ruck, Hull spilled the ball, to be picked up by Kennedy and again carried straight over the try line for York. With a closely missed conversion, the score stood at 31-0. Showing no mercy, Kennedy spent the restart dragging attempted tacklers along the floor with her. As if stacking up the score wasn't enough. A try from Emma at 10 shortly after began to prove that there was honestly no way to possibly record the scoring quick enough (and certainly not enough time for interesting and witty twitter commentary inbetween tries).

Alice Jones' first try of the match followed quickly, dodging and breaking through defenders with some stunning footwork, with another close miss at conversion coming off the posts bringing York up to a 41-0 lead. A slightly longer set of play allowed for some scrum work close up to the home spectators - York could not be budged and captain Grace flattened her opposite nine with lightning speed. Not long after, Iggy rounded off her hat-trick of tries, flying through opposition.

A 46-0 lead saw the end of the first half (yes, you read that right, that was just the first half...) with a quick pep talk from coaches and captains.

Seconds into the second half saw Georgia scoring, wasting no time to mount more on the scoreboard and gaining her first score for the first XV. A few minutes after the restart and 5 fendoffs later, Alice Jones took her second try of the match, running rings round the defence to score under the posts. A successful conversion later took the score to it's final 58-0.

Barely ten minutes into the second and time was called: playing under 19s rules, it was agreed by both sides to call off the match and give York the win. Still wishing to play, however, both teams split their players to form two mis-match teams, and played another half hour of friendly rugby (needless to say with a lot of competitiveness amongst York players on opposite sides...)

A great day of rugby and high spirits see York through to the second round of the cup to face Liverpool Hope on the 22nd November.

For more during the game, follow us on Twitter at @UYWRUFC for live updates and truly terrible banter!

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