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'What's so Good About Rugby, Anyway?' - By Amelia Evans

Rugby is a really unique sport, which makes it so brilliant both to watch and to play. The mix between brute force and technical skill makes rugby the ultimate team sport; one of the only sports in which you physically rely on your teammates. Each individual position requires a very specific skillset and every player on the squad must know their role inside and out in order for a team to be successful.

The most prominent aspect of the game is its intensity. It’s what you notice first when you switch on the tv to watch a game and probably the central characteristic of rugby. To be able to channel such a force into a productive and technical sport is such an appealing aspect of the game and it is a great way to unwind after a stressful day! In order to be so intense within a game, technique is paramount. To stay safe and to play within the laws, your technique, especially in the contract area, is key. This mix between skill and force within a team makes rugby a completely unique sport.

It also helps that the women’s game just keeps on growing! To see the women’s Premiership and Six Nations on such a big stage is key to growing the game and helping more women get involved in order to keep the women’s game alive.

The social aspect of rugby is also pretty unique – to battle it out on the pitch and then get pints with the opposition after the match is such an enjoyable part of the rugby experience.

Rugby may just look like people running into each other and throwing themselves around but there is a very long list of rules and laws and there is a large amount of technique required to play the game. This may seem intimidating to a beginner, but learning the nuances of the game comes with the playing of it. There is no better way to learn about rugby than to play it!

The best thing about rugby, in my opinion, is the teammates you play with. To be a successful rugby team you cannot rely on individual players or skillsets; every player on the pitch has a specific and unique role which needs to be done properly in order for a team to function. This reliance on each other is what makes rugby such a brilliant sport. And, aside from the technicalities of the game, the community surrounding the club is completely unmatched. The sporting, personal and professional development of every member at UYWRUFC is such a privilege to get to see and the community around such a unique game is what ultimately makes rugby so good!

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